Welcome to Him Energy Solutions. We are a company headquartered in Shimla, Himachal pradesh. Our mission is to provide the best quality and reliable solar and electric product range for our state of Himachal Pradesh. Solar or Electric our endeavor is to make them easily available across Himachal Pradesh. We are a team  dedicated to the clean energy mission of our country. We provide high quality and reliable solar and electric products for use in homes and business. We think of ourselves as the energy and hardware experts in the region of Shimla district. The amount of money that can be saved by using Solar products is a lot but most of the people are still not convinced with the idea. Our mission is to educate people about the environmental and economical impact solar powered machinery can have on a household and an established business. Governments, Businesses and Individuals across the world are now turning towards using renewable energy sources for our power needs. Himachal Pradesh government is providing ample opportunities for us to walk with the greatest states of the world and start using renewable energy resources like Solar power. At Him Energy Solutions, Shimla we are dedicated to provide quality products and reliable installation and after service to our customers. We are also dedicated towards educating businesses and individual house owners about the benefits of using solar powered products.