Solar Needs of our Nation

India as a nation of more than a billion people is in drastic need of power resources. We are at this moment in time progressing at great rate and our power consumption is increasing faster. The needs of our nation is great and we need to find ways to use alternate, renewable & sustainable energy sources for our consumption. Solar and Wind energy are renewable resources which are now becoming a go to source for tapping new and clean energy for our needs. The need of the hour is to increasingly adapt solar/wind energy devices and strategy by general public and administrative authorities alike. Government of India and various state governments including the Himachal radesh government have been providing subsidies to businesses and individuals to incentvise the use of Solar devices like┬áSolar Water Heaters, Solar Lantern, Solar Lighting etc. We are slowly moving towards times where all homes in Himachal Pradesh and across all states of India will start using solar energy as their main source to heat the water, to light their homes with solar energy and become a more sustainable and responsible society.